FAQ - Analyze

How can I show the risk profile for my entire portfolio?

To see the risk profile of your entire portfolio, click on the Analyze > Risk Profile tab within the platform. On bottom of the screen “Positions and Simulated Trades” section, at the bottom of the page, there is a pull-down menu with the option to select “Single Symbol” or “Portfolio, Beta Weighted”. Select “Portfolio, Beta Weighted”, and enter a symbol at the top left of the page to beta-weight against your portfolio (for example, you could choose a broad-based index such as SPX (the S&P 500 to beta-weight against). This view will show you how much your portfolio is likely to move in relation to a movement of the beta weighted symbol over price or time. If you have more specific questions about how this works, contact our Trade Desk.

How do I view the risk profile of a simulated position?

Go to the Analyze>Add Simulated Trades tab and click the bid or ask of the particular security you would like to analyze. This will bring up a simulated order into the Order Entry box. Click on the Risk Profile tab next to the Add Simulated Trades tab and this will show the profile of the trade. The magenta line shows the P/L today and the cyan line shows the P/L at expiration.

How do I set my breakeven price slices to a chart?

Go to Analyze>Risk Profile and click on the Menu icon on the far right of the Price Slices section. In the drop down, select Set Slices>Breakeven, then select the expiration date. Your Risk Profile will update accordingly. To apply this breakeven price in TOS charts, click on Set Slices>Slices to Charts and click the appropriate cell in the chart grid. TOS charts will pull up immediately and your breakeven slice will be appear on the chart accordingly.

What is thinkBack?

thinkBack is a tool that allows you to “go back in time” and study simulated trades. It displays the closing prices for the particular security you are viewing. You can use this tool to back-test your strategies.

How do I change my chart background?

The chart background of the risk profile is determined by the overall color scheme you have chosen for thinkorswim. It cannot be individually modified at this time.

What is OnDemand and what kind of data does it have?

Think OnDemand is a back-testing feature that replays historical market activity in real-time, leaving the user in charge of moving forward and backward as they wish in the past to test their trading strategies. think OnDemand gives the user a virtual account with a virtual balance of $100,000 so they can enter simulated trades based on the historical prices and see the hypothetical P/L change over time. Keep in mind that back testing is the evaluation of a particular trading strategy using historical data. Results presented in think OnDemand are hypothetical and may not take into consideration all transaction fees or taxes you would incur in an actual transaction. Past performance of a security or strategy does not guarantee future results or success. Results could vary significantly, and losses could result.