FAQ - Scan

Can I scan for a stock with my favorite technical indicator?

Most technical indicators can be scanned for using our Stock Hacker interface in the Scan section of the platform (in Live Trading only). On the aforementioned page, at the upper left of your screen, there is a button that says “Add Study Filter”, if this is clicked it will add a new line to your scan criteria with a default scan criteria of “ADX Crossover”. When clicked, this will create a drop-down menu from which you can choose from several pre-built indicator sets or a custom study. If you do not see the study you want in the pre-built lists, go to “Custom”,  and click “Edit” at the top-right, to see if the study you are looking for is on the pre-built list there. Once you click “OK”, the editable inputs of the study you have chosen will appear on the line next to the name. Set those along with the aggregation period you want and you should be good to go!